Black Friday how do you get it to Boost your SEO??

Black Friday

Its that time of year again, Black Friday soon approaches on the 24th of November and then the following the weekend its #CyberMonday with more bottomed out deals and offers. For all online businesses these peak trade periods will bring great rewards and revenue.But how does Black Friday help traffic to your site, how can you maximise on this Global eCommerce retail event? Black Friday how do you get to Boost your SEO??

Black Friday SEO

Since 2005 Black Friday has been the biggest retail day of the year in the US. Originating from Philly and the large volume of shoppers that would come out after Thanksgiving to shop there and put retailers revenue and books in the “Black”.

Black Friday trends higher than Cyber Monday on Google, for SEO this is a key indicator for guaranteed high search volumes and resulting higher SERP’s. But to really get some quick fixes for your Website try to focus on search terms that peak around this massive online retail event! Read on to find out how….

Here is a list of keywords with the most recent search volumes RHS to insert into the page content and tags of your site (make sure not to over-stuff! and create meaningful content around them)

Black Friday                                                                            1500000
Black Friday Deals                                                                   301000
Black Friday Ads                                                                       110000
Black Friday Sales                                                                      74000
Black Friday Online                                                                      12100
Black Friday Specials                                                                   6600
Black Friday Coupons                                                                   1900

Some more you can also use…

Black Friday Online Deals                                                           9900
Black Friday Online                                                                      12100
Online Black Friday Deals                                                           6600
Black Friday Online Sales                                                           6600
Online Black Friday                                                                      4400
Black Friday Online Specials                                                          140

Black Friday

Insert these keywords into your site alongside relevant content to developlongtail search terms

These longtail search terms will help you rank higher in Google even if your site doesn’t normally do so!


Google Trends

As for your content, let customers know your offering and more importantly where they can get it!

There are many other Digital strategies for Black Friday, but for a quick WIN! employ the above and track the changes in your website traffic and see it SORE!

Enjoy The MADNESS…

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