SEO + YouTube – The Importance of Video Content Marketing to SEO…

SEO + YouTube

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I would like to explore the theory and application of video content and how if effects and increases SEO. I have been reading a lot about future trends in the industry for 2016 and beyond, one that seems to pinch me the most is Video Marketing. This format of content is probably one of the most influential forms of media that can really drive website traffic and audience engagement. It’s not by any means a new type of Marketing, it only has so much more potential than has been realised.

SEO + YouTube

Of course the most well-known Channels for this form of marketing is YouTube by Google, with over 1 billion users today and growing, it’s no wonder that its future potential as a global platform for video media distribution can’t be ignored.

But how does SEO + YouTube work so efficiently together??

Well Video Marketing has been an effective SEO tool since May 16th 2007, this is the day that Google developed universal search.

“Universal Search” allows Google’s search engine spiders to track and index all forms of search results – images, text, video content etc.

YouTube search is the webs second biggest search engine with more the 1 billion views on Mobile daily which is 50% of total device use on YouTube.

But more than just the benefits of using YouTube is that Video Content Marketing is more likely to be associated with high quality sites with large traffic volumes. “Spam” sites normally don’t engage with video content.

SEO + YouTube

So good quality Video Content will reflect on the quality of content of your website, RIGHT??

Well yes it should but, Video content can be developed by different teams other than a web content team, so this is where a content strategist comes in to ensure consistency in content context and development so the tone of voice remains the same throughout different media.

Video Content and more importantly YouTube can dramatically improve  a websites SEO by providing content that can be easily viewed and shared and understood.

The value add of Video content on to a website is so great because of the enhanced effort to portray the message being carried.

YouTube as a Google product is so search engine friendly any video content developed and associated with your website will also show and rank high in SERP’s.

Tips for uploading Video Content on YouTube to increase SEO

  • GEO Tagging your Video Content for local SEO Boost – YouTube trends map will show the most popular videos on a map
  • Insert a link to your website in the Video Description Text Box  this will provide some search rank value to aid local SEO, other options to utilise the description would be the addition of your company address, phone number and name.
  • Tag your video with appropriate keywords that have relevance to you websites content and also the content of the video, try to keep the keywords the same or similar so they can be easily tracked by algorithm’s.
  • Embed your Video Content on your website, its content will now become part of the webpage code, which is rich content media, Google loves Rich Content Media, embedding also increases the rank of these videos on YouTube SERP’s
  • Promote your video content through different social media channels, tweets with YouTube video content on Twitter are far more likely to be re-tweeted and mentioned as ones with without. Other social channels with video content added will also provide additional platforms for YouTube content to viewed an get more likes and shares, social signals like these are another important Google SEO ranking factor.

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Finally found this video thought it would be a good share

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