The Ultimate Guide to SEO Tactics for Peak Period 2015

Ultimate Guide to SEO 2015

I know the year is nearly drawing to a close, but lets not forget the busiest time is yet to be upon us….

With Search Engine query periods to Peak just around the corner, You need to ask yourself…Have you recently done an SEO Audit? on your website or even developed an SEO Strategy? for the Peak period.

Well if not READ ON….

Help is here!!

This is the Ultimate Guide to SEO Tactics for Peak Period 2015.

Ultimate SEO tactics 2015

Optimise for Mobile

2015 was the year of the mobile with that came  “mobilegeddon” the real enforcement update from Google to drive all sites to be mobile responsive and in turn they would be rewarded with higher search rank visibility. However, even though online browser usage remains higher on mobile than desktop (over 50% of all online usage is on mobile) search queries for mobile + tablet only remain around 29% still! which is not reflective of usage.

With this in mind it is predicted that Mobile + Tablet will surpass Desktop on both usage and search queries by the end of this year.

So the big the question you need to ask yourself is

  1. Is your site Mobile Responsive?

If not then a re-design is imminent, as mobile accessibility will be key for this years Holiday and Peak trading periods for your sites search visibility and performance 

2. If you’re an SME and do you have the financial resources/budget to do a full site rebuild?

If you do not have the financial resources to redevelop your existing site then maybe develop a mobile site with SEO Best Practices employed (don’t duplicate your content on the mobile site!)


Whats Next??

Check your Competitors Out!


What keywords are they using in the content and Meta Tags of their site and what way do they rank on Google. Well if they are using Black Hat SEO strategies then you are laughing, but if not then you need to employ White Hat SEO and do one better than them.

There are extremely useful tools that can help crack this vital information and provide you with this competitive advantage.

SEO Software Tools Available:

There are many others but these will offer you a free trial and are well worth a visit and are user-friendly. Once you have gathered your competitor highly ranked keywords test them on Google’s Keyword planner you will need a Google Account to do this, or use Google trends to analyse for search pattern trends. You will then see if these keywords are right for your website as far as search popularity and Google search trends, remember you are mainly concerned with search trends around Peak periods pre and post.

Other tools that offer a Free Trial – SEO POWER SUITE – RANK TRACKER

Once you have decided which (if any) competitor keywords are useful then conduct your own keyword research (e-commerce business should focus on product/service category descriptions and ranges to see what search popularity they have). Please ensure that you also research for Long-tail keywords, these maybe less in search popularity but there is a trend towards using them for search terms, so for SEO purposes staying ahead of the curve is wise.

Implementing your Keyword Content

Content Is King

Be careful don’t keyword stuff and develop Spammy Site Content!!

Google and other search engines LOVE! Informative, Engaging Content that they know the user will enjoy and that is where SEO fits in and offers limitless possibilities. Keyword rich content is the key for organic SEO and employing best practices will ensure that your website content is fully accepted by Google, BING and other search engines.

Remember Content is King so ensure you have identified your Audience and your content is available for their benefit. It might also be an idea to repurpose old content and refresh it with new links and imagery.

Check your Social Media Planner

By now you should have an organised structured Social Media Editorial Plan, outlining the main content to be posted and scheduled in the run up to peak period. if not and you don’t have one setup yet, then here this – Social Media Planner for insight, then come back to us…

So you’re all set up with your Social Media Calendar Plan, GREAT! as Social Media Signals will be very important to your websites SEO and here’s why….

Google uses Twitter and Facebook data to help determine your websites SEARCH ENGINE RANK POSITION or SERP.

Social Media Channels are very visible to search engines as they are regularly updating with fresh content and have high user engagement and activity.

One social media channel that will have a strong influence on your search rank is Google+ , as a Google App it’s not one to be ignored, so for Peak period make sure to use and leverage it to ensure it helps your SEO.

Remember USE your Social Media Calendar to maximise Peak Social Post Delivery and create countdowns and timelines, a great way of engaging with your audiences to create a buzz!!


Website Structure and Architecture

Website Structure

This will be apparent from a comprehensive Website Audit and also a visual check, page titles and tags are very important. They define the sites page content and hierarchy whether it be product/service or topic categories they must resemble what page content succeeds them. A website audit will highlight if there are duplicate page titles, none at all or page titles that are irrelevant to the page content. This would be a very important tactic to employ not just pre Peak but also as an ongoing rhythm and routine as part of an SEO Strategy best practice.

The most SEO prepared websites are ones with a streamlined navigation and user experience, so it might also be prudent to double-check your shopping and checkout experience if you have an e-commerce site to ensure its convenient and flawless.

Remember all new imagery must be appropriately Alt Texted and also used for linking to other sites pages both internal and external.

Back-Link Checks

Which brings me to my final tactic which is running a back-link check, could be part of the site audit, but implementing all these tactics pre Peak Period will be in vain if you are trailing sites that are having negative effects on your websites search ranks. So running a site back-link check will highlight what sites and domains are pointing in your direction and you can then action if your don’t want them to do so anymore.

Here is some software that can help – SEO POWER SUITE – LINK ASSISTANT

In Summary Then Best To Remember

SEO | Social Media | Content


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